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Tackle One Task at a Time

Does your workspace ever look like this? This morning my space is so cluttered that I cannot think clearly. I need to create calm. I hardly know where to start. But stay with me, you will see a transformation later.

This happens to me in life sometimes too.

What about you? Do ever feel overwhelmed by the massive pile of work or responsibilities that are burying you?

It happens from time to time. It is the nature of our lives.

I had an overwhelming experience just a few months ago. I was preparing to launch a new online membership site for women wanting to find community and support to dive deeper into their wellness journey. (The WOW Connection Membership) This entire process was very new to me, and I honestly got extremely overwhelmed. I had so many great ideas but there was just so much information to process that I got stuck in the process. My wheels were spinning but I was getting nowhere. I could not seem to simplify the process. There were piles of planning papers on my desk, endless questions running through my head, and multiple tabs constantly open on my computer. And adding to the confusion was the fact that I was trying to learn a new software program for hosting the new membership site. I sat at my desk one day, just staring into space wondering, where do is start? How am I going to do this?

And then the answer came, simply. I was attending an online collaboration meeting with co-membership owners. I mentioned my dilemma and one of the members simply advised me to start one small task. She explained that once you start one task, the next task often reveals itself. This was such a revelation for me. It was so simple. Why didn’t I see that? I often overthink things and the result leads to analysis paralysis. Here I was waiting for the full process to be revealed  before I started. I did not know the steps to follow so I did not take any step, until that day. After that meeting I began with one little task. I did not know if it was the most important task or the right task, but it got me to act. It felt good. I do not even remember what that task was now. All I know is that it led to another task, and another after that, and soon I was on the way to launching the new membership site. Movement creates momentum and momentum motivates more action. And that is all we want, a little progress in whatever challenges we navigate in life.

The life lesson is this, DO NOT OVERTHINK THINGS. Whatever is overwhelming you now, just tackle it one tiny task at a time. You will be amazed with the results. You can accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Climb your mammoth mountain one step at a time.

Oh, and I finally created some calm in my workspace too!!

Now I would love to hear from you. Where are you feeling stuck these days? What is one small task that you can tackle to get you moving in the right direction? Comment below and share your thoughts. We can all encourage each other as we move forward.

And if you are interested in learning more about that new membership site you can check it out here WOW CONNECTION | Well Now Fitness

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