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Ocean Road

My Journey

All you aspire to be you are  now becoming

Susan Tetford

​How did I get here?

​I simply took the first step and just kept putting one foot in front of the other, even when the path was difficult, and even when I did not know where it was leading, or how I was going to get there.

As far back as I can remember I loved movement. As a child, I was often climbing trees, jumping rope, strolling beaches, climbing rocks, swimming, swinging, skipping, hopping, sliding, skating, and bicycling. I simply loved having fun. ​High school introduced me to organized sports and there I discovered a love for soccer which improved my self-confidence and gave me a sense of belonging. I was not the best athlete, but that did not matter. I was simply doing my best, having fun, and enjoying every moment. Good lessons for life! Lessons I still draw on today.

​Into adulthood, I continued to crave opportunities for sport and recreational activity. I  participated in a variety of things like aerobics, golfing, resistance training, snow shoeing, hiking, softball, and even karate. I was willing to try different activities, but I did not always meet with success. I began comparing myself to others and wished I could be better.​ I was beginning to lose my way, and my joy.

I was surprised to find success in martial arts with the Shotokan Karate system and earned a black belt degree after sixteen years of training. I became an instructor (Sensei) in our community and enjoyed teaching others. Despite this achievement I continued to struggle with comparison, constantly striving for more and never feeling as if I were enough. So, I tried harder. I slowly moved up the ranks and began training for my second degree. At that time, I became aware of spiritual teachings that were out of alignment with my personal faith system. This caused me  distress and I knew that I  would discontinue this form of training. While Karate helped me develop self-discipline and improved my confidence, I became acutely aware of how limited it was to transform my life. I was at a crossroads and knew I would find a new path. ​​I practiced  fitness regimes at home to remain physically fit but also began to approach fitness from a holistic viewpoint that addressed  the needs of my whole person, body, mind, soul, and spirit. I could not embark fitness in the future without integrating it with my faith and that transformed my whole life.

After retiring from teaching, I completed certification programs to become a personal trainer and group fitness instructor because I wanted to work with others to help them move forward in their walk to wellness. I have learned that this journey is not about perfection or performance, but progress and purpose. Wellness is not the absence of illness, nor is it measured by appearance, achievement, accolades, accomplishments, acceptance, or approval. It is simply living your best now to become the person God created you to be. It is a simple journey, but not always an easy one. Yet, it is worth making and I have learned that it is more enjoyable when you make it with others. I could have never reached personal milestones of wellness if it were not for good friends, mentors and family members who supported me along the way. For that I am forever grateful, and it has motivated me to encourage others on their journey as well. If you need a travelling companion, I am here every step along the way.

Well Now Fitness exists to serve you by delivering programs that educate, inspire, and guide you in assessing your personal wellness, setting new goals, embracing new challenges, and establishing healthy sustainable habits; so that you will be empowered  to live with purpose, energy, focus, strength, joy, and freedom!

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