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"Beat the Heat: Rock Your Summer Shape-Up at Home!"

As the warmer months approach and many of us find our schedules in flux, it's crucial to maintain a consistent exercise routine. Whether you're taking a break from your regular fitness classes or simply prefer the convenience of home workouts, having the right fitness equipment can make all the difference. Let's explore some essential tools for effective home workouts, how to progress with them, and a simple yet comprehensive workout to keep you fit and healthy.

My Favorite Home Fitness Equipment

Stability Ball Great for core exercises, improving balance, and enhancing flexibility.

Small Loop Bands

Perfect for lower body workouts, especially for glute activation and leg strength

Resistance Bands

Versatile and can be used for both upper and lower body exercises, offering variable resistance.

Yoga Blocks

Assist in maintaining proper alignment and deepening stretches.

Yoga Mats

Provide a comfortable and non-slip surface for exercises and stretches. I love this one which is foldable for easy storage


Ideal for strength training; start with lighter weights and progress as you build strength.

IF you've been using the 2 lb for a shile I would recommend going up to the 4lb now if you are able to complete the reps with the twos.


Add a dynamic element to your workouts, challenging your stability and core strength.

This is such a simple item but oh so effective


Can be used for rhythm-based exercises like Pound workouts, which combine cardio and strength training


You do not need ALL of these items. And you likely already have some of them. So just expand your equipment with a fun new item to try out for the summer as a way to jazz up your fitness routine.

If you are new to home workouts and don't have any equipment at all then start with the basics. You will definitely need a yoga mat. You can always substitute home items for other pieces of equipment. For example, soup cans or water bottles can work in place of dumbells to start. Paper plates can replace sliders. And wooden spoons work as drumsticks. Just have some fun with it! GET MOVING. That's what really matters!


Starting with the Basics

For beginners, it's essential to start with lighter weights and lower resistance to avoid injury and build a solid foundation.

Here’s a guide:

Dumbbells: Begin with 2 lb weights. Once you can comfortably perform 12-15 reps with good form, consider moving up in 1-2 lb increments.

Resistance Bands: Start with light resistance bands. Progress to medium and then heavy bands as your strength increases.


Complete Body 20-Minute Home Workout

While the moves in this workout are designed to be done in 1 min work segments, the time can easily be reduced to 30 seconds to meet your needs. Still want to get 20 minutes of movement in for the day? Simply repeat the workout later in the day. Two ten minute workouts done separately is just as effective as one 20 minute workout. The movement accummulates to give you the same health benefits.

As with any workout plan, check with your doctor to ensure you are able to safely perform the movement recommended in this workout.

Warm-Up (5 Minutes)

  • Jumping Jacks - 1 minute ( these can be modified to eliminate the jump by performing alternating step outs as you raise your arms overhead )

  • Arm Circles - 1 minute

  • Leg Swings - 1 minute

  • Hip Circles - 1 minute

  • March in Place - 1 minute

Main Workout (12 Minutes)

Stability Ball Squats (1 minute)

Place the ball between your lower back and a wall. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. OR do regular squats if you have no stability ball. Resistance Band Rows (1 minute) Anchor the band at a door or stable point. Hold the handles, bend your elbows, and pull them back. OR use weight if you don't have resistance bands. MAintain a strong core connection to support the back.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press (1 minute)

With 2 lb dumbbells in hands, press the weights overhead, keeping your core tight. Water bottles or soup cans also work as a weight for this exercise.

Slider Mountain Climbers (1 minute)

Place sliders under your feet in a plank position and alternate sliding feet bringing each knee to your chest. Paper plates work well on carpet and facecloths work on hard floors.

Yoga Block Push-Ups (1 minute)

Place blocks under your hands to deepen the push-up, ensuring full range of motion. Push-ups can also be performed on the wall as well. Stand arm length from the wall and simply bend the elbow to bring the face close to the wall and then push away and repeat.

Drumstick High Knees (1 minute)

Use drumsticks to tap overhead as you lift your knees high in a marching motion. Wooden spoons or paintsticks work as well!

Loop Band Side Steps (1 minute)

Place the band around your thighs and step side to side, maintaining tension in the band.

For the longer bands. Simply step on them and hold both handles with one hand at your center and step from side to side while maintaining tension on the band. No bands, simply do alternating side leg lifts keeping the toes flexed and pointing forward front

Stability Ball Plank (1 minute)

Place your elbows on the ball and hold a plank position. This move can be performed on the floor without a ball as well.

Resistance Band Bicep Curls (1 minute)

Stand on the band and curl your hands towards your shoulders. No bands? Use weights instead.

Dumbbell Tricep Extensions (1 minute)

Hold a dumbbell in both hands, extend your arms overhead, then lower behind your head, lift and repeat by bending at the elbow joint.

Slider Leg Curls (1 minute)

Lie on your back with sliders under your feet. Lift your hips and slide your feet in and outalternating legs.

Yoga Block Bridge Pose (1 minute)

Place a block between your knees, lift your hips, and squeeze the block to engage inner thighs. No block? Use a cushion.

Cool Down (3 Minutes)

Stretch all major muscle groups, focusing on deep, slow breaths to aid recovery.


Setting Up Your Workout Space

  • Choose a Quiet, Spacious Area: Find a spot in your home with enough room to move freely.

  • Organize Your Equipment: Keep your fitness gear in a designated area to easily access and store after use.

  • Maintain a Clean Environment: A clean, clutter-free space can enhance your workout experience.


Tips to Stay Motivated

  • Set Clear Goals: Define what you want to achieve each week and track your progress.

  • Create a Schedule: Plan your workouts and stick to a consistent routine.

  • Find a Workout Buddy:Partnering with a friend can make exercising more enjoyable and keep you accountable.

  • Use Music: Create an energizing playlist to keep you motivated and moving.


By incorporating these essential pieces of equipment into your home workouts, you can achieve a balanced, effective, and enjoyable fitness routine. Stay committed, keep progressing, and enjoy the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle even during the summer months!

GOT QUESTIONS? Post them in a comment and I will get right back to you.


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