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Speciality Services

You will never change your life unless you change something daily.

The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

- John Maxwell

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Seniors Fit For Life Classes

These classes consist of low impact exercises that improve cardivascular health and increase muscle strength.

Increasing your movement will help you increase and maintain your range of movement for functional daily living. (4 classes, Members FB Support Group) $25


Live Your Best Life Bootcamp

This 8 Week Wellness Bootcamp

is based on a 4 point-formula to get you focused inside of class and out.


It combines your in-class HITT low-impact workouts, with an outside-of-class Workout Plan, a 21-day Healthy Meal Plan, and Weekly Challenges. 

It is suitable for all fitness levels. This is a focused approach to get you healthier, fitter, and stronger, than ever before. (16 group classes, Private FB Members Support Group) $140

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Personal Training

The "Well Now" Signature 1 Month Program will JUMPSTART YOUR WELLNESS JOURNEY.


Get the highest level of support with individual assessments, programming, coaching, and personal support. (Free initial consult and 4 one hour individual training sessions) $199

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